Capture and analyze
your golf swing

BirdieBud captures your swing and automatically extracts the movement of joints in your body through AI. You can watch and review a video sequence of your swing motion. Joint overlay images clearly display the movement of your joints during your golf swing.

Swing tips and
sequence analysis

Receive real time feedback on your swing. Share your swing sequence images and videos with friends and coaches.


* Golf swing video analysis and feedback powered by AI.

* Voice guided instructions and fully automated video recording.

* Automatic detection of 8 golf swing sequences: address, take-away, backswing, top of the swing, downswing, impact, follow through, and finish.

* Joint overlay images on body.

* Swing video and data logs.

* Video play: continuous, frame by frame.

* Capture golf swing at two camera angles: Face On (front view) and Down-the-Line (side view).

* Share golf swing images and videos through your social media accounts.

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Review by Michael Lewis Hudson